Curbing Process



The first part of the curbing process is meeting with either the Owner or one of our designers for a free consultation to figure out what would look best for your yard. The correct measurements are taken so that the customer has the most accurate cost of the project. Depending on the amount of work done, most estimates take about 30 minutes long. We will go through color choices and patterns that will best suit your property to give it the most excellent look possible, making you love your yard for years to come.


Second Meeting

Before pouring the job, the Owner or the designated designer will meet with the customer one more time to go through the layout of the curb before the start of installation. We need to make sure everyone is on the same page to ensure perfect customer service will be satisfied. We will listen to what the customer wants, in addition to providing his or her professional viewpoints, to figure out what best suits the customer’s needs.



Spray paint will show the location set for the curb so the homeowner can see the chosen layout for the new landscaping. The customer will then be ready for the landscape edging installation to begin.
Upon Arrival: Upon arrival, The Owner will meet with the homeowner and go through all decisions made, or any other questions or last-minute changes the customer may have. We always want to make sure the job will installed to the customer’s liking.


Prep Work

Employees will be setting up all equipment and getting ready to start the process. Customers do not need to worry about a mess in their yard. The most substantial piece of equipment that goes through any yard is a wheelbarrow. We will also be hooking up our hose to the home water supply so that the concrete mixing process can be achieved.



We will follow the sprayed out area where the landscape border is going to be installed with our bed edger. This is going to cut out the grass, making a path so the curb can be installed properly. The soil is ground up and pulverized, making it great soil that can be either kept and reused by the home owner or disposed of by our company.


Mixing and Extruding of Cement

Once all marked areas are trenched and prepped, the mixing process begins. At this point, we make our own blend of mixes, making the strongest most durable concrete curb edging. The curbing mix is dumped into a wheelbarrow and taken to the curb machine where the cement will be extruded and finished to give it a final look. Also, during this process, CABLE RE- INFORCEMENT is placed through the center of the curb. Through the harsh frost freeze cycles Wisconsin ensures, this cable prevents the curb from separating and heaving, making the curb the most durable, longest-lasting curb on the market.



Having a strong finisher is a must when it comes to landscape curb edging. Years of experience are a must for this crucial part of the job, making sure all curb is free of voids giving the edging smooth, professional look, and the landscape edging is troweled to a level of perfection.


Stamping and Control Joints

To give the landscape curb the best possible look, a variety of stamps can be chosen to best suit the looks of your house and landscaping. All stamps are applied with a release agent to make the patterns stand out. Stamps rolled on or hand-pressed in with tools to create the desired look. This process takes place once the curb is installed correctly and finished. Once the curb stamping process is complete, the next process is cutting the landscape curb in the correct spots to prevent cracking. These expansion joints are roughly 2 feet apart. They are allowing the curb some flex-ability throughout the freeze-thaw cycle.



Sealing is the final process of installing landscape edging. Sealing is going to protect the curb from the sun’s UV rays and prevent the color curbing from fading. The sealing process should be repeated every two years to keep the curb protected and maintained. The homeowners can do this sealing process. Our recommended list of sealers will be available at the end of the job.


Enjoying your Curb

All these processes are completed in one day except for sealing, transforming your yard into a gorgeous landscape with years of less maintenance and a look you will love for decades to come. Sealing is completed when the curb has had time to properly cure enough to received our quality sealer.
We look forward to working with you on your landscape investment.

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